The Board of Directors of the MetroWest Veterans’ Services District will hold a meeting at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, June 15th, 2020 via Zoom conference:

Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 871 5705 2985

Password: 3JfNA5

The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

1.     Call to order

2.     Public comments, opinions or questions – Residents are invited to share ideas, opinions or ask questions regarding veteran services.

3.     Review / Approve Previous Meeting Minutes

·       April 27, 2019

4.     Review and finalize District Director contract. 

5.     District Agreement Among Towns – Review renewal signature status and Board appointment letters.

6.     Review District lease agreement renewal for August 31, 2020.

7.     Review Memorandum of Understanding Between Town of Holliston and Brockton Vet Center.

8.     Activities / Staffing Updates

9.     Director’s Update

a.      Snapshot report

b.     MetroWest Veterans’ Services District Emergency Fund Tracking Update


10.  Adjourn